Why Choose CubaHeal?

CubaHeal’s unparalleled relationships in the Republic of Cuba extend to world-class medical centers, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, and government officials allowing us to achieve priority services that address your needs with a high level of satisfaction

CubaHeal is fully staffed with local medical members fluent in your own language as well as Spanish


CubaHeal Team:

  • Assist in compiling the applicable medical records
  • Properly forward all applicable medical records and forms to the Cuban medical bodies for the purpose of evaluation and determination of treatment suitability
  • Following up with the applicable medical authorities in order to expedite the evaluation process
  • Upon approval, forward the official medical program to the patient as well as  coordinate with the patient the payment transfer, date of arrival and start of treatment
  • Coordinate with the Cuban Medical Authorities all details relating to patients’ arrival, airport pick up and treatment schedule
  • Coordinate all logistics issues relating to accommodations and meals
  • Eliminate language barriers between you and the medical team presiding over your treatment and to act as your escort and guide
  • Ensure personal safety and satisfaction of the patient
  • Arrange an entertainment program for you and your companion at an extra cost (please notify us in advance so that we can arrange such a program and provide a quote

CubaHeal field team in Cuba:

  • Confirm airport pickup and drop of, accommodation, meals and treatment booking
  • Assign field members to always be present by the patient side in order to achieve the following tasks:
    – Translation;
    – Attend to all patients and companion(s) personal needs
    – Act as advocates on behalf of the patient regarding any medical issue
  • Arrange all entertainment programs for the patient and companion should they wish to
  • Handling all administrative issues such as hospital registration, etc.
  • Supplying the patient with a one-time 20 hours internet access
  • Arrange any via extension should the need arise
  • Stand as a point of contact between CubaHeal Cuba, CubaHeal Canada, CubaHeal Caribbean and CubaHeal MENA


  • Assist you and your loved ones in compiling all relevant medical records for the purpose of proper evaluation and determination of suitability
  • Payment transfer
  • Visa pre-qualification assistance
  • Travel planning
  • Matching you with the best medical teams available at the best available medical centers
  • Hospital registration and hotel or resort accommodation (including meals) for you and your companion(s)
  • Should you wish, plan an entertainment program for you and your loved ones
  • CubaHeal’s team of medical tourism experts has personally visited and conducted comprehensive research and inspections of all of the Cuban world-class treatment facilities, hospitals, and hotels to ensure they meet your needs, exceptions, and personal financial situation
  • As a Canada-based organization, we are governed by and adhere to stringent privacy laws mandating that all your medical records must remain completely private and confidential at all times
  • We utilize an in-house, state-of-the-art customer care management system to guarantee the effective and efficient communication of important information such as the medical process, travel itinerary, visa requirements, accommodation (including meals), and entertainment for you and your companion(s)

    Your question will be answered within 24 hours or less, except the weekends

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