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    Why Do You Need Travel Insurance for Cuba?

    Travel insurance with medical coverage is a legal requirement for visitors to Cuba, and you may need to present proof of insurance upon arrival.

    Without proof, you will have to buy a policy from the State’s tourist assistance company. To avoid this inconvenience, bring a printed copy of your insurance certificate in your hand luggage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    My Destination Requires Proof of Travel Insurance. Can You Help?

    Yes, of course! Please click here to receive a quote and proceed with the payment.

    What is Travel Insurance and How Does It Work?

    Travel insurance safeguards both your health and your travel investment. It offers various benefits that are crucial before and during your trip, including coverage for:

    • Medical expenses for any accidents or illnesses that occur during your trip.
    • Emergency medical evacuation if you become ill or injured and the local facility cannot provide the necessary level of care.
    What is a Deductible?

    A deductible is the amount that the client must pay upon the occurrence of an insured event. The policy offered via CubaHeal Medical does not have a deductible.

    Is Travel Insurance Required?

    As of May 1, 2010, all travelers to Cuba must provide evidence of travel insurance that includes coverage for medical expenses during their visit.

    When Does the Insurance Policy Take Effect?

    The insurance policy becomes valid either from the moment you enter the country or from the start date specified in the policy, whichever occurs first.

    How to Buy Insurance for a Child?

    Children receive the same coverage as adults. Premiums are based on age, with travelers under 69 years paying lower premiums than those over 69.

    How to Issue an Insurance Policy for Another Person?

    You can issue an insurance policy for any citizen without their participation. After payment, send the electronic insurance policy to the appropriate person.

    What Should I Do if the Payment Has Not Gone Through?

    We recommend checking your bank’s internet transaction limit and your payment card balance.

    How Long Does It Take to Receive the Insurance Policy After Payment?

    You will receive your insurance policy via email within 5 business days. Please consider this timeframe when planning your arrival in Cuba.

    How Will the Policy Be Sent?

    You will receive the travel policy by email within 5 business days. You can print it or save it on your phone or tablet.

    I Have Not Received My Policy. What Should I Do?

    First, check your Spam or Promotions folder. If you haven’t received the policy within 5 business days, please contact us at

    What to Do if an Insured Event Occurs?

    Simply travel to the nearest hospital and present your insurance policy. If you are unable to travel, contact the 24/7 customer care number included in your policy for immediate assistance.

    What Can 24-Hour Hotline Assistance Do for Me?

    You can call the 24-Hour Hotline Assistance at any time to connect with a team of multilingual specialists. They can help you find emergency medical providers and arrange for emergency medical transportation and care.

    Can I Buy Insurance for One Day?

    No, the minimum duration of the insurance is 7 days.

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