Fructuoso Rodriguez Orthopedic Teaching Hospita


Fructuoso Rodriguez Orthopedic Teaching Hospital was founded on June 30, 1945, to provide specialty care in orthopedics, Traumatology, and related specialties.

Undergraduate and graduate specialists (mainly for further improvement and research) currently receive training in this institution. It also develops activities of promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and social reintegration to increase the quality of life of people from anywhere in the country.

In 1996, the Ministry of Public Health issued the guidelines of a subprogram for the hospital care of the elderly, as an integral part of the Elderly Care Program. In line with these guidelines, in June 1997, the hospital introduced a fully equipped emergency room and the new building with classrooms and laboratories for the development of educational activities and technical and professional improvement.

The hospital offers Geriatric Orthopedic Services for the hospitalization and comprehensive care of patients older than 60 with orthopedic and trauma conditions, especially patients with hip fracture, the most common and disability-causing disease in this age group.

The institution is aware that physical-technical structural change in the facilities must be coupled with a management and behavioral change of all providers, including the suitability of the human resources and the modification of work conceptions. It is prepared in order to achieve adequate effectiveness, efficiency, efficacy, and excellence in all the services it provides, based on the premise that “the patient comes first and we work for that”.

This hospital is the referral center for the specialties for which it is responsible.

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