In short words..We Are CubaHeal, Specializing in medical tourism & educational services.

Committed to helping you access Cuba’s excellent medical care and overcoming the challenge of long-wait

About CubaHeal

Medical tourism and Education
CubaHeal Medical is a global organization specializing in the facilitation of medical treatments, medical education, in addition to patients and students care in the Republic of Cuba. CubaHeal is a loyal supporter of the Republic of Cuba, the Cuban people, revolution and revolutionary leadership. Our organization works with governmental healthcare providers, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, and government officials in the Republic of Cuba to provide the highest quality healthcare at the most reasonable prices.


At CubaHeal, we are committed to raising awareness of the international healthcare options available on the island, which include superb treatment and outstanding and prestigious healthcare facilities, all at extremely affordable cost.


  • To make your trip, treatment and stay in Cuba a stress-free experience. To achieve such objective, CubaHeal has succeeded in accomplishing the following:
  • In the republic of Cuba, we have placed multilingual teams of medical experts. These teams are ready to serve you upon your arrival in regard to medical treatment scheduling and arrangements, They also act as translators between you and the Cuban medical teams to ensure proper communications between you and your Cuban medical teams
  • Through its Canadian staff, CubaHeal arranges your entire travel itinerary, including planning your round trip flights, visa requirements, hotel or hospital reservations, meal plans, entertainment, and recovery programs for you and your companion(s).
  • To match you with some of the best treatments possible, in medical centers known worldwide for their success and breakthroughs in treating complex casesat a cost unmatched by any other international medical center. This is done through our association and direct contacts with key medical personnel in the Republic of Cuba.
  • To raise awareness of the high level of medical advancements, breakthroughs, and achievements that have been accomplished at the hands of the devoted Cuban medical scientists and with the highest levels of support of the Cuban government.
For further information on how CubaHeal is equipped with a team that is capable and ready to structure and arrange the best medical treatment, healing, and entertainment service, please visit our “Why Cubaheal?” , and our “FAQ” pages”
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