Developments in the Study of Cardiovascular in Cuba

December 11, 2018by CubaHeal Research0

It is also known as CVD in short. It is related to the complications and diseases in the heart and blood vessels present in a human body. It also includes blood clots which build up in the vessels.

The Various Types of Cardiovascular Diseases

  •  Coronary artery disease – It is caused due to the collection of fat/ plaque in the arteries which compromises blood flow to and from the heart.
  • High blood pressure – A constant high blood pressure for a given period can develop severe heart conditions and an increased chance off or a stroke.
  • Cardiac arrest – is the most critical cardiovascular disease in which heart stops beating suddenly which causes unexpected fatality in some situations. The person loss of consciousness and difficulty in breathing are common symptoms.
  • Arrhythmia – is the irregular heart beat which can be slow or fast depending upon the patient’s condition.
  • Peripheral artery disease – is caused due to building up of fat in arteries which transfer blood to the brain and other vital organs.
  • Stroke can cause significant damage to any one side of the brain.
  • Congenital heart disease (CHD) – is a condition that can be affected by a person from birth. The unnatural structure of the heart gives rise to this type of cardiovascular condition.

Cardiovascular Advancements in Cuba

According to a recent study, there has been an excellent 45% fall in cardiovascular deaths from the year of 1970 to 2002 in Cuba. This illuminates the efforts and advancements Cuba has laid in conquering down the mortality rates caused from CVD. Also, and due to these advancements, life expectancy rate has seen on an upward trend in the past few decades. It now stands at 76 years.

The new technologies include percutaneous aortic valves for heart stenosis. This technology replaces older valves which connect the aorta with the left side of the ventricle with new and flexible valves. This does not require any surgeries to be performed. This improves the recovery period for the patient as there are no real wounds. It also decreases the blood loss.

Cuba is also a pioneer in the Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac Imagery technology. Said technology aids medical teams to calculate the proper medication and the procedure to be followed before the surgery is performed. Cardiovascular treatment has thus improved quite a lot over the past few decades.

CubaHeal’s Role

CubaHeal is adamant in providing the patient with all the logistical support such processing treatment requests, gaining treatment approval, and booking and visa granting support. Furthermore, our Cuban field team carries translation and personal support services and tasks for the patient and to eliminate all social boundaries and to ensure proper treatment can be availed by anyone at anytime in Cuba.

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