National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology (INOR)


The National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology of Cuba (INOR), in Havana, has been dedicated for more than 50 years to the diagnosis, treatment, and research of cancer. It offers services in surgical oncology, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, onco-pediatrics, neuro-oncology, and psychology. Additionally, it has a pain clinic and practices nuclear medicine. The institute is known for introducing and developing advanced medical technologies, supporting treatments of the highest standards comparable to prestigious institutions in developed countries.

Since 1995, the institution has offered international medical services, and in 2013, it attended to patients from more than 52 countries, mainly from the Americas like Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, and Canada, as well as from Europe.

INOR combines assistance, postgraduate teaching, and research, advancing in the introduction of technologies such as the PETSCAN for the diagnosis of small tumor lesions and intraoperative radiotherapy. It is the leading institute in Cuba in the oncology specialty. Its services are based on the highest ethical and human principles to improve patient welfare and develop various actions of scientific dissemination.

The center, along with the Departments of Clinical Laboratory and Imaging, provides surgical, clinical oncology, progressive care, and trial research services. The treatment options include conventional medicine as well as natural methods.

A notable development is the Cuban treatment for non-small cell lung cancer: therapeutic vaccines such as CimaVax and Racotumomab (Vaxira), which are anti-tumor antibodies specific for this type of cancer. Cuba has national programs for the control and prevention of the disease, including massive investigations of oral cancer, prostate, cervix, and breast cancer.

Based on the treatment of hundreds of cases, specialists have proven that the vaccine improves respiratory symptoms and significantly reduces tumor size, enhancing the quality of life and survival of patients. What distinguishes the Institute in cancer treatment is the personalized attention, holistic approach, and humanistic procedures, as well as the high level of specialists and the lower cost for international customers compared to other institutions of its kind worldwide.

INOR has an International Medical Service characterized by high-quality facilities, the latest equipment, and medical and paramedical personnel with high scientific and technical competence. The institute is committed to the highest international standards in health services with a common goal: to protect your health.

Patients from several countries have highlighted the collective efforts to find all possible alternatives to achieve cure, improvement, and well-being in each case, under the concept of integrative medicine, which includes therapies to treat symptoms associated with cancer such as laser therapy, magnetic therapy, traditional exercises, and acupuncture, among others.

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