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Covered Risks Coverage up to $25,000.00 USD for:

  1. Covered Risk: The insurer agrees to pay the benefits contracted in this Policy up to the insurance limits reflected in the Particular Conditions for the following coverages:
    • Medical expenses: This includes:
      • Medical-surgical resulting from a sudden illness or accident occurring to the insured
      • Dental: Dental expenses are covered up to a limit of $21.00 USD for emergency treatments due to infection, pain or trauma
      • Pharmaceutical
      • Hospitalization expenses.
      • Initial urgent care for pre-existing conditions is also covered
      • Accommodation expenses for an accompanying person, when the insured is a child and/or incapacitated person, are covered.
      • Medical expenses for a pregnant insured presenting a medical emergency, provided there was no negligence, are covered.
      • Convalescence expenses are covered if the treating physician prescribes forced rest for five or more days of hospitalization, with prior authorization from the ASISTUR Alarm Center. This also applies to an accompanying person if the insured is a child and/or incapacitated, limited to accommodation expenses.
      • Expenses related to COVID-19 are covered.
    • Repatriation and Transportation: This includes:
      • The insurer covers the insured’s transport to the nearest hospital with necessary facilities. The means of transport will be decided by the Assistance Company in coordination with the medical team.
      • In case of the insured’s death, the insurer covers the arrangements and transport of the body to the place of the trip’s origin.
      • If hospitalization prevents the insured from returning on the scheduled date, the insurer will cover the penalty for changing the return ticket date.
      • If the insured, traveling alone, is hospitalized for more than ten days, the insurer will cover the cost of transporting a family member, providing an economy class air ticket, to accompany the insured during hospitalization, provided the entire hospitalization period is within the coverage duration plus seven additional days.

The insurer is not obligated to pay any indemnity if expenses for coverages 1.1 and 1.2 result from:

  1. Services not requested from the insurer.
  2. Treatments and medical checkups unrelated to the nature of the illness or injury.
  3. Incidents caused by the insured’s or policyholder’s deliberate actions or by those traveling with the insured.
  4. Pre-existing physical-mental disabilities and chronic conditions, except for urgent medical care.
  5. Intentional ingestion or administration of toxins (drugs), alcoholism, or use of medications without a prescription.
  6. Prosthetics, anatomical parts, orthopedic devices, hearing aids, and glasses.
  7. Pregnancy, childbirth, and abortion, regardless of cause, except for emergency medical care, provided it is not due to negligence.
  8. Special coffins and burial and ceremony expenses.
  9. Incidents during war (declared or not), demonstrations, popular movements, terrorism, sabotage, and strikes.
  10. Participation in dangerous competitions, training, tests, betting, and hazardous hobbies, except for athletes officially participating in competitions or training.

An additional premium of $3.00 USD per day is required for persons aged seventy or older and for travelers intending to participate in high-risk activities, sports competitions, training, and hazardous hobbies during their stay in Cuba.

A full refund for the insurance payment will be made provided the following:
  1. Cancelation is due to interruption caused by either the country you are departing from, the Republic of Cuba, the departing airport or airliner.
  2. Provides evidence of valid medical insurance in Cuba. or
  3. Written denial of visa or visa extension
Kindly be aware. It could take up to 5 business days for you to receive the refund.
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